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Relaunching the App in the Future
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Simply capture a moment with photos or video

Evergram makes it easy to capture that precious, hilarious, or connecting moment whenever it occurs.

Next, create a personal
comment or remark

What happened just before this moment? What do you want your kids, friends or family to know years from now? Where and why was this photo or video taken? How did you feel at this moment?

Evergram combines the moment + your comment into a unique recorded message

Your comments are automatically stitched
to the original content,
transforming every moment into a future favorite memory.

Send your personal Evergram message as a surprise into the future

An Evergram incorporates the thoughtfulness of
letter writing, the anticipation of a telegram, and
the wonder of time capsules.

... or Post a public Evergram for the world to see

Share and browse funny, endearing, thoughtful, and inspirational messages
with people like you all over the world.

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